Comprehensive Eye Examination

At Peak View Optometry, we provide comprehensive eye examinations that include prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.

A comprehensive eye examination by our Doctor of Optometry is important in preventive health care.

What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Include

At Peak View Optometry, a comprehensive eye exam includes and is not limited to the following.

  • A case history including past and present medical and vision-related issues, in addition, a well-detailed family medical history.
  • We get an analysis of the patient’s vision requirements at school, work, home, and play. In some cases, we also ask questions about the patient’s recreational and work/school environment to accurately determine the patient’s visual needs.
  • Measurements of each eye’s visual acuity, together and individually, this measurement can be taken without and/or with corrective lenses at distance and near.
  • We provide a diagnosis of the refractive status [prescription] based on a combination of measurements [objective] and patient’s answers to questions [subjective] techniques.
  • We carry out binocular vision assessment- the ability to see using both eyes at the same time, as it gives an idea about your eye coordination, depth perception, and eye movements.
  • We carry out an assessment of the health of your eye both from the inside and outside by the use of bio-microscope, ophthalmoscope, and a dilated eye examination to assess the retinal health.
  • Our Doctor of Optometry carries out a neurological assessment of your visual system that includes an assessment of the peripheral vision, a review of the pupil reactions, and ocular motility.
  • We carry out screening for glaucoma and macular degeneration by looking inside the eye at the optic nerve and the retina and macula.

We use all the test results to come up with the appropriate prescription lenses for glasses or contacts to treat refractive and visual complications.  In some cases, our Doctor of Optometry may recommend surgical or medical treatment by professional referral if indicated by diagnosis.

Recommendations for follow up exams are made based on the results of the comprehensive exam and your history of eye health.

At Peak View Optometry, we specialize in both adult and pediatric care, and are an excellent choice for primary eye care and also for treatment of eye infections and even eye injuries.

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