Optomap Retinal Imaging

At Peak View Optometry, we offer Optomap imaging and interpretation on our patients at all four of our locations! Optomap imaging allows our Doctors to evaluate the health of the optic nerve and the retina without the need for dilation in most cases. It is fast, painless and comfortable. It is also suitable for patients of all ages. Best of all?  No side effects!

Under normal circumstances, we do not use dilation drops. Nothing touches your eye at any one given time, however, our eye care practitioner decides if your pupils need to be dilated with respect to your condition.

The imaging takes less than a minute.

What is Optomap Imaging

The Optomap ultra-wide view retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in a single panoramic image. On the other hand, traditional imaging is only capable of capturing 15% of your retina in one frame.

What are the Benefits of Optomap Imaging?

Our eye care specialists use this technology for the following purposes.

  • Optomap ultra-wide view enables our eye care expert to detect early symptoms of retinal disorders more efficiently and effectively than the use of traditional eye examinations.
  • Enhances clinical decision making: many signs of ocular pathology and diseases may first present in the retinal periphery and can go undetected using conventional techniques and equipment.

Optomap imaging offers unequaled views of the retina which provide our eye care specialist with the following.

  • The only anatomically correct 200⁰ or 82% image of the retina
  • Simultaneous view of the central pole, mid-periphery, and peripheral retina
  • Integrated software and hardware platform to analyze the images
  • Optomap imaging has more than 800 published ongoing clinical trials and thousands of case studies and testimonials. This helps to future-proof this technology and adds its value in diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient involvement.

How Often Should You Have an Optomap Imaging?

We recommend that you have Optomap Imaging annually with your comprehensive eye examination to detect any possible changes that could have occurred in your eye health within the last 12 months.  We will also compare your images each year to the years past within our software library of your imaging records.

Optomap imaging is created by non-invasive, low-intensity scanning lasers. This ensures that there are no adverse effects that have been reported in 39 million sessions.

Optomap imaging is safe even for young children. This is important since most vision complications start in childhood. It makes it possible for children to receive the right treatment at the right time.

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