Will my eyes be dilated?

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Yes in most cases your eyes will be dilated. It is optional and you can choose not to, however a dilated eye exam is recommended by our doctor and allows us to better detect early signs of heath and sight threatening diseases if they are present in your eyes.

Why do I have to pay every year for a contact lens fitting/why does insurance not pay for it?

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A contact lens prescription expires annually by law.  Contact lenses are medical devices and they need to be kept up to date to maintain a healthy ocular surface and optimal vision.  Some vision plan insurances do cover contact lens exams and fittings, but this coverage depends on the specific benefit package in your plan.  At

Do you accept Tricare?

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Yes, we accept and are in network with Tricare. Tricare Prime Active: One comprehensive eye exam covered every 365 days. Tricare Standard/Select: One comprehensive eye exam covered every 365 days, goes against the annual deductible Tricare Prime Retired: One comprehensive eye exam covered every 2 years Tricare Standard/Select Retired: No eye exam coverage, our self

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